SME Mauritius Ltd

SME Mauritius Ltd is a private company wholly owned by the Government of Mauritius, incorporated in July 2017. SME Mauritius is committed to promote a conducive SME eco-system and develop entrepreneurship at national level.SME Mauritius empowers SMEs to emerge and grow by implementing support programs that enhance their competitiveness.

Core Values

Board Members

· Mr. NEUBERT Staver Peter – Chairman

· Mr. BHUGWANT Roodradeo – Director

· Mr. GANGARAM Sanjiv – Director

· Mr. KATHAPERMALL Tamoodeeren – Director

· Mr. NACKCHHED Vijay – Director

· Mrs. PILLAY NARRAINEN Rooma – Director

· Mr. NILLAMBER Anoop Kumar – Director

· Mr. RAMDENEE Drishtysingh – Director