Foreign Expertise and Technical Assistance Scheme

1.0 Introduction

The Foreign Expertise and Technical Assistance Scheme seeks to prop the Handicraft sector by bringing in foreign experts to address multiple challenges the sector faces, with regard to capacity building, product and process re-design, and local raw materials sourcing and usage.


2.0 Purpose

  • – Train Trainers for Capacity Building
  • – Encourage Young people to join the handicraft sector
  • – Refresh product design in line with modern trends
  • – Review product positioning
  • – Repositioning them to a new standard while favoring diverse sources of raw materials

3.0 Expected Benefits

  • – Training and Capacity building
  • – Revamped and improved positioning
  • – Innovative and upgraded design
  • – Enhanced unique selling propositions
  • – Improved differential competitiveness and marketing opportunities

4.0 Targeted Beneficiaries

SMEs should be registered with the SME Registration Unit and have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 50m.

The beneficiary should have been in operation for at least two years.


5.0 Scheme/Grant Provided

Provision for all costs relating to foreign experts’ fees, fares, accommodation, and transport.

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