Inclusiveness and Integration Scheme (INC) – Apply Now

1. Introduction

INC seeks to encourage SMEs

– to work together, favour inclusiveness, interlinkages and networking

-collaborate and synergise for mutual benefit

2. Indicative list of what INC covers

-continuous and established inter SME subcontracting of services

-Value addition processes (embroidery, printing, washing)

-services adding value to the business of an SME

Inputs already in the form of a finished product, sub-contracting of core activities, accessories to the main product, Transport or Catering services are not considered under this scheme.

3. Grants Value under INC*

15% of the total value of the sub contracted service costs up to a maximum of Rs 100,000

4. Eligibility

-be a duly registered SME

-have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 50 Million

-be engaged in any legal value creating economic activity except pure trading

-hold a valid trade license

-must have been in operation for at least six months from the date of issue of BRN

-no conflict of interest between the business entities

5. Contact details

For further information, call SME Mauritius on 2020040 or complete online application forms on

*Notes to grant values

(1)Total grants within a specific scheme or across schemes will be capped to a maximum of Rs 150,000 for each eligible SME.

(2) Maximum values of grants may, wherever applicable, be adjusted to accommodate a higher number of beneficiaries.

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