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Available Schemes & Grants For MSMEs of Mauritius


SME Graduate Scheme

(Extended to Diploma Holders as well)

The Scheme has the following objectives: provide skills to SMEs; boost the employability of young graduates; trigger a culture of entrepreneurship in the youth, and support SMEs financially to retain the services of a graduate. Employment under this Scheme will generally cover a period of two years and renewed after the first year upon satisfactory completion. A monthly stipend of Rs 14,000 (Degree Holders) and Rs 10,000 (Diploma Holders) based on attendance will be provided to each graduate during this period while the employer will pay the monthly traveling costs.

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Certification & Accreditation Scheme

Receive accreditation of international standards for customer confidence, loyalty, and business sustainability.


SME Productivity
Improvement Scheme

Improve your internal value creation functions to create a direct impact on your competitiveness and sustainability.


Foreign Expertise
& Technical Assistance

Be Assisted by Foreign Experts to address challenges such as capacity building, product and process re-design.

digital marketing mauritius

Communication & Visibility
Online Presence

Bring your business online and expand your market through available digital platforms such as website & social media.

Access to Market
Barcode Registration

Expand your distribution channels through barcoding which helps in tracking sales of products and relationship with customers.

Mentoring &

Receive Assistance from mentors/industry experts to help foster the sustainable growth of your business.

Technology & Skills Transfer

Inclusive Business
Techno & Skills Transfer

Create a partnership with other SMEs through an inclusive business approach and receive a 15% refund on all transactions made.

Green Energy
Solar Photovoltaic

Receive a one-off grant of 80% of total cost not exceeding Rs 100,000 for the installation of a solar PV installation.

Access to Finance
SME Development Certificate

Receive financial assistance at preferential rates & other concessions such as income tax holiday in the 6 priority sectors.