Role of MSMEs in Mauritian Economy

Over the years, the SME sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Mauritian economy. Spanning across sectors of the economy, SMEs produce a diverse range of products and services to meet demands of domestic as well as foreign markets. This sector contributes significantly to the economic and social development of the country by creating wealth and generating employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost. SMEs being complementary to larger industrial units, contribute significantly to the inclusive industrial development of the country. 

The main roles and functions of SME Mauritius Ltd are to:

  1. provide core support services, entrepreneurship development, business facilitation, counselling and mentoring services;
  2. empower SMEs to enhance their delivery capabilities;
  3. promote technological and managerial capabilities of SMEs;
  4. implement, coordinate and monitor assistance program provided to SMEs;
  5. provide common facilities for SMEs;
  6. sensitise and conduct awareness campaigns on entrepreneurship;
  7. facilitate networking among SMEs and develop linkages;
  8. facilitate research relating to the development of SMEs;
  9. conduct surveys to provide market intelligence and trends;
  10. organise SME fairs;
  11. coordinate joint public/private sector initiatives relating to SMEs

SME Mauritius provides a series of schemes to support and improve the sustained development of SMEs in Mauritius (visit website:

  • Capacity building through Training focuses on enhancing SME knowledge, competencies and skills to face competition with resilience.
  • These need-based training programs are fit for purpose, innovative, affordable and are aimed at improving the technical, marketing, financial, compliance and other important functions of SMEs.
  • SME Mauritius systematically organises seminars, webinars, online training, workshops and conferences for SMEs.
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SME Mauritius Ltd regularly organises fairs for locally manufactured products.