Promote & Develop Entrepreneurship in Mauritius

SME Mauritius Ltd is a private company wholly owned by the Government of Mauritius and was incorporated in July 2017. This newly incorporated institution has taken over the role and functions of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority(SMEDA).

With Mr Ravin Rampersad at the helm as Chief Executive Officer,  SME Mauritius is committed to support and facilitate the development of entrepreneurship and MSMEs in Mauritius.

Our Core Functions

  • Promote a conducive business environment and empower MSME’s to emerge and grow
  • Promote a service delivery network which increases the contribution of MSMEs in the national economy and enhances economic growth;
  • Enhances the competitiveness of MSMEs;
  • Devise and implement development support programmes and schemes for MSMEs;
  • Facilitate, assist and provide the necessary support to MSMEs to gain market access and business opportunities and to compete successfully in the national and international markets;
  • Promote and develop entrepreneurship;
  • Advise the Minister on policy issues regarding the development of MSMEs. .
  • Provide core support services, particularly entrepreneurship development, business facilities, counselling and mentoring services ;
  • Facilitate access to industrial space, finance and other productive resources
  • Empower product specific and sector-specific MSMEs to enhance their delivery capabilities;
  • Coordinate with other support organizations and stakeholders in the fulfillment of its objectives;
  • Facilitate networking among MSMEs and the development of linkages between large enterprises and MSMEs;
  • Promote technological and managerial capabilities of MSMEs;
  • Ensure that MSMEs; in respect of which a registration certificate is issued, benefit from every incentive which the government grants to them, and assist them to obtain the incentives;
  • Identify best practices and disseminate them to MSMEs;
  • Organize and encourage participation of MSMEs in fairs;
  • Conduct surveys in the MSMEs sector and provide market intelligence for those enterprises, including providing reports on various economic indicators;
  • Implement, coordinate and monitor assistance programmes provided to MSMEs;
  • Collaborate with other local and international agencies dealing with MSMEs, to develop the local MSMEs through-
  • Skills enhancement programmes for their officers; and
  • Participation in seminars, workshop and capacity building programmes;
  • Identify projects for the development and promotion of MSMEs;
  • Facilitate and coordinate research relating to the development of MSMEs;
  • Sensitize the public at large on entrepreneurship;
  • Provide incubator facilities for MSMEs;
  • Devise and review policies relating to MSMEs;
  • Coordinate initiative of public sector agencies and of the private sector relating to MSMEs;
  • Coordinate entrepreneurship activities carried out by public sector agencies and the private sector.

Board Members

· Mr. NEUBERT Staver Peter – Chairman

· Mr. BHUGWANT Roodradeo – Director

· Mr. GANGARAM Sanjiv – Director

· Mr. KATHAPERMALL Tamoodeeren – Director

· Mr. NACKCHHED Vijay – Director

· Mrs. PILLAY NARRAINEN Rooma – Director

· Mr. NILLAMBER Anoop Kumar – Director

· Mr. RAMDENEE Drishtysingh – Director

July 2020

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