SME Utility Connection Assistance Scheme (UCA) – Apply Now

1. Introduction

UCA aims at connecting SME operation sites to mains of utility suppliers (CEB and CWA).

2. Indicative list of what UCA covers

-Trench digging for laying of pipes

-Cost for pipe laying

-Cost of Pipe & Fittings (Max diameter 75mm)

-Cost of a water reservoir (Max capacity 10,000Lt)

-Installation of electric-poles

-Installation of Electric wires & Fittings

3. Grant value under UCA*

80% of costs up to a maximum of Rs 150,000.

4. Eligibility

-be a duly registered SME

-have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 50 Million

-be engaged in any legal value creating economic activity except pure trading

-hold a valid trade license

-must have been in operation for at least six months from the date of issue of BRN

5. Contact details

For further information, call SME Mauritius on 2020040 or complete online application forms on

*Notes to grant values

(1)Total grants within a specific scheme or across schemes will be capped to a maximum of Rs 150,000 for each eligible SME.

(2) Maximum values of grants may, wherever applicable, be adjusted to accommodate a higher number of beneficiaries.

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